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How Your Donation Helps

Modern campaigns aren’t cheap. We’re doing everything we can to run a lean organization, and we are so grateful for the volunteers who make this possible, but we still need money to get our message out to voters across the 99th District. We need to pay for mailers and yard signs and the website you’re looking at right now. We’re relying on small donations to get us to Lansing, and we appreciate any contribution you can make to help us get there.


Our Shared Values

Here in Isabella and Midland Counties, we share neighborhoods and farmlands, wetlands and resources. And we share the same hope that we can work together to foster opportunity, investment, and education to make mid-Michigan a place where we all can thrive..  


Join Us

The 99th District needs a champion in Lansing. Allison is ready to do the hard work of getting state resources for Isabella and Midland counties, but she can’t get there without your help. This is a grassroots campaign and we need volunteers! Please let us know how you can help.